How to become a Software Engineer in India 2021?

In recent time computer is an essential part of our life. Many technologies developed on the basis of computer. To run this computer, software plays vital role and without which computer is just like furniture. To design, develop and implementation of software is done by a software engineer.

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So, become a software engineer, you must need special training and degrees. To get these, you have to do a degree course which is popularly known as software engineering.

After completing your software engineering, you can work in different fields such as creating video games, developing internet applications, running computer networks or implementing computer security measures for different sectors.

Software Engineer

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Role of a Software Engineer

A software engineer has in-depth knowledge about programming, data structure, algorithms etc. They are responsible for different operations of software through defining problems, evaluation, analyze and develop a solution.

You can get jobs as Web Developer, Business Information Analyst, Computer System Analyst, Information Security Analyst etc.

Eligibility Required

  • Must have completed 10+2 from a recognized board, having Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as measure subject.
  • Minimum aggregate 55% required.
  • For M. Tech in software, 50% is required in graduation.

Different Courses

To become a software engineer, you have to complete a full time professional courses. There are few numbers of courses you can complete bachelor’s or master’s degree. If you have completed 12th then you can also join diploma course. Here are some related courses.

Diploma Program: Duration of this course is three years. This course is known as Diploma in Software Engineering.

Bachelor’s Program: It is a course of 3-4 year.

Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) in Computer Science and Engineering4 Years
Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) in Information Technology4 Years
Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)3 Years
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science/ Information Technology (BSCS/BSc IT)4 Years

You can also join Master’s course if you have completed your graduation which is 2-3 years course.

Master’s Program:

Master of Technology (M. Tech) in Software Engineering2 years
Master of Science in Information Technology (MSc IT)2 years
Master of Computer Applications (MCA)3 years

Post Graduate: There is a course of one year you can also join Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Software and Network Technology.

Step towards Software Engineer

There are few professions that are ever-changing and software engineering is one of them as new technologies are developing every time and every day. Due to its shifting nature, you can enter into this professional through many ways. Here, we discuss about a general path to become a software engineer.

1. Fix your mind set

It is an important decision of your life to any profession as a career. Think carefully and then take final decision that you can tackle hurdles you will face during course. After taking final decision, the following points should be always in your mind.

  • You want to make your career as software engineer.
  • Your jobs will be in the IT industries.
  • You will work as team member and in return you will get an amount.

2. Select any Language

Software engineering is not depending on only coding, you should have knowledge and clear understanding of different language and their functions. Different languages have application in different fields and there is no common motive.

Few popular programming languages are, Python, JavaScript, C#, C++, Ruby, Java etc.

3. Get a Degree in Computer Science

At first get a degree of computer science or any other related field. Minimum a bachelor degree is needed to start your professional career as software engineer.

If you have done major in computer science, then it will be easy for you to design software. In interview questions are asked from data structures and algorithms. So, you must have theoretical knowledge as well to take preparation for this.

4. Get Supplemental knowledge

As software engineering is changing every moment, you will not to be updated through reference books. Books are updated but the process is very slow compare to change in software technologies.

In educational institutions, they will tough your theoretical concepts and ways how to think, which is very important for your career.

You can get supplemental knowledge from different sources. Just look at the following points:

  • There are many websites for developer, to find question and answers, Stack Overflow is one of the most reliable website.
  • For the solutions of programming, websites like CodinGame and CodeWars are helpful to improve your skills

5. Analyze code of Experienced Developers

To check your ability and understanding the concepts, try to read and analyze different experts code. You can visit website like GitHub.

You may face wrong documentation sometimes but most of the code you find in this site are accurate. In this way, you will be able to read different code and also you will get the knowledge how a program works.

6. Build a Group of Software Engineers

Try to build a group of software engineer or find the same and join the group as you will get updates and many problems with their solutions. They will give you guidance on what to learn and how.

You can visit website like Meetup that will help you to find software engineering community.

7. Attend Internship

Internship will give you opportunity to be familiar with real world experience. Many top level IT company offers internship for the students who are pursuing bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Through this internship, your knowledge will expand and improve in particular areas such as Java, XML or SQL. Generally, this internship is for three and six months varies company to company.

8. Work on Project

Through this kind of activities, you will get practical experience of what you have learned. At first, choose a language which is comfortable for you and then start working on it. This will enhance your knowledge and make you an efficient employee. By doing this, you will gradually become a professional software engineer.

9. Attend Seminars

Being a software engineer, you have to be updated with latest developments. So, if you attend conferences, you will learn about the latest technologies, business practices and new products.

10. Prepare for Interview

The three things play the most vital role when you will hire through interview viz. resume, cover letter and your presence. Prepare a high quality resume which represents your educational qualifications and other activities. To get attention and make an impact cover letters plays vital role.

Careers in Software Engineering

After completing software engineering, you will get many opportunities from different companies from different areas. Type of industry and location of the industry is an important factor for your income opportunity. Your experience and performance will also help in determining your package.

We have discussed about some job options briefly.

Software Engineer

Description: To ensure that the software function effectively Software engineers works together with programmers, designer and testers.

Required Degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering.

Salary: 4 – 7 lakhs per year.

Web Developer

Job description: Writing, designing and editing webpage content, identify and correct the problem by testing or user feedback, convert different components to compatible web formats.

Required Degree: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering/Computer.

Salary: 3 – 6 lakhs per annum.

Business Information Analyst

Job Description: Evaluate and recommend improvement in the company’s IT system, improve operational and transactional issues, handle analytical and watch dog tasks, analyze customers’ requirements, involved in different IT projects etc.

Degree Required: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering/Computer.

Salary: 4-6 lakhs per annum.

Computer System Analyst

Job Description: A computer system analyst has in-depth knowledge about hardware and software systems. Analyze and audit existing systems to improve performance.

Required Degree: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering/Computer.

Salary: 4 -8 lakhs per annum.

Database Administrator

Job Description: Manage database software properly, save and organize the data so that user can avail it, protects from threat and cyber-attack as a member of cybersecurity professional, ensure efficiency of company’s server.

Required Degree: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering/Computer.

Salary: 4 – 7 lakhs per annum.

There are many more jobs available for a software engineer. IT company hires software developer for different aspects and they play vital role in it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. I am in class 12th, how can I become a software engineer?

Ans: If you are a student of science then you can directly pursue B. Tech in software engineering but if you are not a student of science then you can pursue Bachelor of Computer Application.

Q2. What are the languages need to learn during course in software engineering?

Ans: There are some languages you need to learn are Python, JavaScript, C#, C++, Ruby, Java etc.

Q3. Is internship mandatory for software engineering students?

Ans: It is not mandatory but these languages help you to understand better and help to understand the function of software.

Q4. What is minimum percentage required for software engineering?

Ans: To pursue software engineering you have to obtain a minimum of 55% in 12th grade.

Q5. What are the job profile of a software engineer?

Ans: You will be offered as a software engineer, web developer, business information analysts, computer system analysts, database administrator etc. There are lots of scope available for a software engineer.

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